Monday, September 24, 2012


We paid a short visit to Noosa on Saturday. We had initially planned to
stay in Noosa for a few days but we were out of luck as the Queensland
school holidays commenced on Friday and the caravan parks were all booked
out - one of the risks of not booking ahead. We have visited and stayed in
Noosa previously so we were not particularly concerned. So we parked the
car and the caravan - we were fortunate to pull into one of the back streets
from the foreshore and found sufficient room for the patrol and caravan to
be parked.

There were lots of people about. The Noosa riverbank is a popular place for
picnics with excellent facilities. There is an abundance of water sports
available and many people were swimming in the shallow water. After a walk
along the riverbank from Tewantin to near the river mouth we stopped off at
one of the many cafes and enjoyed brunch.

From here we took the car and caravan and continued on to Noosa Heads but
there was so much traffic and absolutely no parking available for our rig we
decided to head out of town. It was disappointing we couldn't get a camp
site but fortunately we have spent a reasonable amount of time in Noosa
previously so we didn't think we were missing out.

The Sunshine Coast is in for a warm spell and the next four days
temperatures of around 30 degrees are expected - this is just great.

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