Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camping at Tumbling Waters Park, near Berry Springs, NT

After our two and a half weeks in Melbourne during winter it was good to
get back to the warmth of Darwin. While we had been away the air
conditioning on the Patrol had been replaced but unfortunately we soon found
that the air conditioning still wasn't working as it should. After a number
of return visits to the service department the problem was rectified - just
poor workmanship and the original job not being completed properly. We had
already decided that we would spend a week or so in Darwin before moving on
but this issue ensured that we did.

We had also driven nearly 60,000 kilometres on the original set of tyres on
the Patrol and we decided it was time to put a complete new set on. After a
lot of indecision about which type, a new set were fitted and we were more
than $2,000 poorer. Just as well the air conditioning repair was under

During our second stay in Darwin we basically just relaxed or spent time at
the service agents. The weather was really warm with temperatures around 32
degrees every day which was great. We spent every afternoon at one of the
three pools at the caravan park (Free Spirit Resort) just enjoying a dip in
the tepid water and relaxing. What a perfect way to spend the day.

After nine days, and the repairs on the Patrol completed, we packed up and
moved down the road just forty odd kilometres to stay at Tumbling Waters
Caravan Park near Berry Springs. This caravan park is very popular and
during the months of June, July and early August bookings in advance are
essential. However some of the regulars are now packing up and heading home
to the southern states so we were able to get a booking easily.

The sites are all set amongst the palm trees. During the day we enjoyed
really warm temperatures (so spent most of our time in the pool) but it was
obvious that the wet season is not too far off as overnight the mist settled
in and we woke to foggy mornings but still warm. We only stayed two nights
but enjoyed our stay. Will we be back one day? We will never say never,
but time will tell.

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