Monday, September 10, 2012

Townsville to Magnetic Island

On Friday we took the ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island for a day
visit. There are two ferries that operate between the mainland and the
island, and one of them is also a car ferry. We took the Sealink and the
trip was only about twenty minutes. As we left Townsville we passed the
port area - the port handles numerous imports and exports mainly mineral
ores, fertiliser, sugar and motor cars. We could see the sugar conveyor
belt working.

I was really pleased that the wind we had had earlier in the week had died
down and the harbour was flat. I am not keen on being on a boat at the best
of times and if the wind had continued I was against hitting the water. The
twenty minute trip went very quickly, with no rocking and rolling, and we
were soon tying up in Magnetic Island.

Townsville is prone to tropical cyclones. These usually occur during the
so-called "cyclone season" which is between November and May. The latest
major cyclone was Cyclone Yasi in 2011 which caused significant damage. We
were particularly pleased to see the sign confirming that a cyclone was not

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