Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daly Water Pub, Northern Territory

The Daly Water Pub is a very popular tourist stop when travelling the Stuart
Highway. The area was originally a watering hole. The cattle were rested
at Daly Waters and the men quenched their thirst as well.

Surprisingly prior to the 2nd World War Daly Waters was the site for the
first international airport in Australia and planes and passengers were
refuelled en route to London. During the 2nd World War American and
Australian air forces were based at Daly Waters.

Today it is tourists who stop to quench their thirst at the pub. There is a
very basic caravan park beside the pub allowing travellers to stay over for
a while. As it was early in the afternoon we decided that we would move on
down the highway but stopped a while to have a look around. There is lots
of memorabilia inside the pub from football jerseys to bras, flags, overseas
monies and lots of other things. In the evenings entertainment is provided
along with the famous barra and chips meal.

There were quite a few caravans parked up outside the pub but only a few
camped in the caravan park. Possibly that would have changed by the

One of the original old telegraph poles which was in the area has been
relocated to outside the pub and also a parking metre and a set of traffic
lights - obviously someone with a sense of humour was involved with this.
There is a run-down stall opposite the pub where a local makes jewellery
from local seeds - lots of people were looking at his wares.

Daly Waters Pub is an iconic outback pub and certainly an interesting place
to visit.

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