Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hamilton Island

Well I am sure that we have all heard about it even if we haven’t visited it.  We arrived in Airlie Beach a few days ago and one of the things that we really wanted to do was to visit at least some of the Islands.  

Time to board Whitsunday catamaran
Well Gill in her normal efficient manner did the research and came up with the plan that we could do a day trip island hopping or alternately we could just go and stay at Hamilton Island for a night for 5 dollars less than doing the island hop thing and the good news we actually got to see some of the others like Daydream on the way through.

So off we went nice day and not too bad a day for the trip.  A couple of little bumps on the way out but certainly nothing that would cause you to do the throwing up thingy.

Boarding Whitsunday catamaran
We arrived at Hamilton around 11am - the room wasn’t quite ready so we decided that we would go on an Island tour on one of the free buses (all the buses are free for all visitors) – wow these people just don’t know that they are alive the place is fantastic.  I will though preface that with the comment that you need also to have plenty of money as nothing and I mean nothing is cheap.  Most main meals are around $40.00 each so you could certainly run away with some money real quick and the queues are really long as well.  You will see by the photo's that the birds watch you eat just in case you drop a crumb they are ready to strike:-)

  Daydream Island
We stayed at the Reef Hotel and the rooms were a fantastic size - two double beds and a great outlook over the pool and bay.  We met a really friendly bus driver who was quick to suggest that Peter should be applying for a role there as they needed drivers and the chances were that he should apply and would get a job lickety split.  Was he tempted?  What do you think - he could just imagine himself doing the job – kind of fits with his view that winters should be spent in places that are warm.  We wonder if Hamilton is warm enough though as the maximum in July is only 21.6 degrees on average.

 Welcome to Daydream Island
The marina where the Whitsunday Cruises catamaran ties up is adjacent to Front Street (after all what else would it be called) where there are various shops and restaurants.  The marina has an amazing range of boats moored and although Jordan has been at Hamilton Island this week on his journey back to Melbourne had left by the time we arrived.
I won’t say too much more will just let the photos do the talking – tonight we are back in the caravan and tomorrow we are on the road again and off towards Yeppoon.

Rolling seas on way to Hamilton Island

 Buggies at Hamilton Island

 View of Whitsundays from our hotel on Hamilton Island

Terrace pool from our hotel room, Hamilton Island

  Front Street, Hamilton Island

One of the two highrises on Hamilton Island

Yacht Club at Hamilton Island

Cockies on verandah waiting to swoop - Go on drop a crumb we dare you

Buggies lined up on Hamilton Island
 Another pool at the Reef Hotel, Hamilton Island

 Yet another pool, Reef Hotel, Hamilton Island

 Reef Hotel, Hamilton Island

Catamarans on Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island

Church on Hamilton Island

Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island

Relaxing on Hamilton Island

 Hamilton Island Yacht Club

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