Thursday, September 20, 2012

Horsemanship at St Leonards

We stayed a couple of nights St Leonards which is a small rural town
surrounded by wetlands. There is a very popular free camping area at the
recreation ground and when we arrived the actual camping area was completely
full and along with about ten other caravans we camped opposite the main
area. The camping area is adjacent to the horse facilities and we were
fortunate that there was a week-end of competitions on. There were a large
number of local competitors with their horses. It appeared that most of the
competitors also stayed on site and there was a large undercover area with
commercial kitchen. Volunteers were serving food to both competitors and
campers all week-end and the evening there was various entertainment.

The competitions involved working with cattle - there was a small grandstand
set up for spectators so we enjoyed watching the various competitors. They
competed as individuals and then as teams and some of the teams included
parents and quite young children. The competition was called teaming and
penning and required the competitor to pen specific groups of cattle within
a timeframe. Those kids were certainly comfortable on their horses.

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