Wednesday, September 26, 2012

City farmers market Brisbane

Once back in the city we returned along Queen Street precinct. We were
really surprised to see a very large and busy market set up - this
apparently is a regular Wednesday event and is open until 6 pm. It was the
perfect place for us to have lunch and we enjoyed wandering around the
stalls deciding what to sample as the choice was huge.

Turkish food was our choice initially so we joined the queue and were really
happy with our choice - we have great memories of our holiday in Turkey.
Perhaps we need to do that again??

After first course it was time to wander the stalls again and make the
second choice - lovely fresh strawberries for me (and they had great flavour
as well which was a bonus) and home-made macadamia ice cream for Peter. And
to totally finish off we bought organic vanilla macadamia nuts just in case
we needed a snack on the way home! It was tempting to buy heaps of the
lovely fresh vegetables but we would have had to carry them quite a distance
so missed that opportunity.

Just as we were leaving we saw the rocky road chocolate stall - really that
was just too much! Imagine indulging on all that chocolate.

We thought it was great to have such a market in the middle of the city - it
must be such a great venue for the city workers to visit.

We wandered along the shops again, stopping in at the time old favourites of
Myers and David Jones. It was great to be back in the city. Then it was
back to the underground bus station and back on the "right" bus and safely
back to the caravan. It was a great day out and we plan to go back into the
city again tomorrow afternoon as Peter has a business meeting to attend and
I can enjoy the shops for a couple of hours.

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