Monday, September 10, 2012

Alma Bay, Magnetic Island

After a leisurely few hours at Horseshoe Bay we climbed back on the bus and
next stop for us was Alma Bay. It was much windier on this side of the
island so we didn't stay too long or go swimming. However the beach is
great - much smaller bay than Horseshoe Bay and with amazing rock formations
at each end. We could see Townsville away in the distance across the bay.
It is apparently only eight kilometres between Townsville and Magnetic

The market was just setting up but as we were restricted to the bus
timetable and still wanted to visit Picnic Bay we didn't hang around. Peter
was a little sorry that we had rented one of the topless buggies that we saw
whizzing around the island however he wouldn't have wanted a pink one which
seemed to be the most popular.

There are a lot of holiday homes at both Horseshoe Bay and Acadia Bay (where
Alma Bay is). The high rises are starting to be built so it won't be long
and the area will be taken over by them which is what has happened at Nelly
Bay where the ferry arrives and the Peppers Resort (and others) is located.
In some ways this will be a shame as it may take away some of the relaxed
family environment.

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