Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Bloomfield Track with Roanne - Roger & Peter

We (Roanne, Roger and Peter) left here soon after 8.30 heading North aiming for the Bloomfield 4x4 track and perhaps the CREB track to return home on, if it is open.
We left with Peter driving and headed North up the coast through the rainforests and following the coast. Part way up we crossed the Daintree River on a car ferry which crosses both directions all day long between 6am to 12am. It takes all of 4mins to cross @ $12.50 each way. On the other side we headed through the rain forest with a stop at the Masons Cafe to get a map and a coffee. We then continued North on the lookout for cassowary’s as there are signs every 2kms up the road warning of them crossing.
When we arrived at the beginning of the Bloomfield track there was a sign saying 4x4 vehicle access only and warning “Crocodiles watch out. We let the tyre pressure down to about 25 PSI so that we would not feel the bumps too much and went through the first of about 5 water crossings. The track had some very steep uphills and downhills. The track was rated a 3 although it was very enjoyable and great to see a different part of the country
It took us through the rainforests a bit more and then along the river to Wajul Wajul where soon after this we stopped and had lunch - good old chippy sandwiches, (Chippies only, as Roanne had forgotten to pack the marg & by then the thermos had broken!). Here we were very closely watched by the local Aboriginal man who was watching two women fishing, not too sure if he was assessing us or what!
At our lunch stop we saw our first sighting of a rather large croc in the wild. We continued on and saw another croc further along. After about 5 hours travel and 160km we arrived at the very popular Lions Den Hotel which is marked on all the Australia maps. Here we had beer, bourbon and wedges then headed back to Wajul Wajul to see the Bloomfield Falls as we had missed them on the way up.
We stopped at Ayton for a ice cream and also to find out whether or not the CREB track was open. We here found out in was closed and that there were people stuck on the track at this point in time waiting to be rescued. It was decided that being rescued was not on our list of things to do so we headed home the way we came. We saw a few more crocs on the way.

At Wajul Wajul we went into the Bloomfield Falls where we drove in then walked the last 400m. As we stood on the sand down by the water admiring the falls Roger turned around and saw a croc sitting there only 40m away from us on the rock in the middle of the river. Roger then decided he needed to hunt more crocs, while Peter and Roanne watched from a distance wishing we had the Patrol keys and not Roger. (Roanne also had a camera ready in case he did get eaten for evidence for the insurance claim)
We then continued heading home on the Bloomfield track this time with Roger driving. All in all we saw 7 crocs, had about 10 water crossings, looked for the elusive cassowary, drove 360 odd km’s and got home at 8pm. A great day had by all and looking forward to doing the next one at some stage.
Ugly Cattle Buffalo!
Lawn Watering Tractor
Homeward bound

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