Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another day in kids' paradise

 Zoe on a Pontoon at the Lagoon
Tims New Friend Angelo Building a Castle
Even having the company of three grandchildren does not mean that I have to get out of bed early. Instead soon after breakfast prepared by Peter, the three children wandered over from their unit and climbed into bed with me ready for story time. It is something we always do together so I had come prepared with new books for each of them and a larger book of short stories ready for reading aloud. Before too long it was nearly 10 am so after pressure from Peter story time came to an end and I got out of bed.
The children had been going through the local touristic brochures with Mum and Dad deciding on what they would each like to do while in Cairns and Port Douglas. Mum and Dad better have deep pockets!

The Lagoon Again
The Foreshore Cairns
 Jake stands ready to supervise
whilst Zoe lends a hand
Today we decided to have a leisurely day down at the lagoon in central Cairns. The beach is not swimmable so the Cairns Regional Council have built a great lagoon and park/picnic area in the centre of the city. It was around 27 degrees today so this was a very popular place with both families, tourists and backpackers. The lagoon is one large pool with varying depths. The children just loved it. They soon made friends with a little boy from Canberra and spent hours making sandcastles etc. We had picnic lunch and relaxed the afternoon away.

 Jake playing mini Golf
Zoe with her version of golf
When we eventually got back to the caravan the children and Peter and I went to play mini golf and Roanne and Roger went to the supermarket. This camping ground has the best recreational activities, especially for children, that we have ever seen. The children think that they are in paradise.

Tim with a different
version altogether
 Tim trying for a hole in 20

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