Monday, July 4, 2011

Our first day - we are on our way!

Independence Day - for us that means it is the first day of our long planned trip around Australia. Our plan was to head firstly to Canberra.

We have been short term renting a home in Montmorency so after completing the final pack up of our stuff into both the caravan and the car, and a thorough clean of the house, we drove down the street at 10.40 a.m. We were on our way!
We followed the Hume Highway north. Although there was no rain it was a very windy day which did not make for easy towing initially. Fortunately the wind dropped mid afternoon. We had previously been thinking we would stop at Gundagai - we were keen to see the monument of the

"Dog on the tuckerbox". We had both seen this monument on earlier visits to Australia. It was just after 5 pm when we finally pulled into the monument tourist area and the shop and facilities were all closed. Never mind, the monument was still there and we were able to take some photos without other tourists getting in our photo! Fortunately these photos can be placed on this blog - for some reasons the earlier photos taken of us ready to leave Montmorency were not recorded. Not sure what I did wrong!
From there we decided to drive on to Canberra and have booked into the Canberra Motor Village. Tomorrow our plan is to revisit the War Memorial and Parliament House and as many other significant tourist places as we can.
It has been a long day but we haven't cared. We are now living our dream!

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