Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time for a rest day

We have had two full days out and about so today it was decided that we would stay at the camp and have a quieter day. We are staying in the caravan and Roanne and Roger and the children are staying in a holiday unit just a few minutes walk away. We have been eating together so each morning breakfast is served by Grandad as Nan is still in bed! The children arrive over about 8 am and it is now quite normal for at least one of them to climb into bed to have breakfast in bed. We relented today and put on a DVD for some quiet time.

Roanne and Roger went for some time out, and birthday shopping for Jake who will turn 8 on the 1st August. We spent the day around the caravan park, firstly trying out table tennis. After an early lunch it was time to hit the pool. The water is quite cool but there is a warm spa pool which is very popular. From here we went to the camp waterslide park called "splash" which doesn't loose it's appeal. Tim wasn't feeling very well this afternoon so sleep was on his agenda. The caravan park has a number of BBQ areas and one is just down from the caravan so while we made salads etc Peter and Roger, with Jake's help cooked the meat on a BBQ. Other than Peter and I, everyone is going out on a full day Great Barrier Reef cruise with snorkeling tomorrow so an early night was important. Jake and I spent half an hour or so at the outdoor movies watching Chicken Run before they headed off to bed, Tim slept in our bed and Zoe played Greed with Roanne.

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