Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Crocodile Hunters

After a leisurely start to the day we all went down to the marina. We had been told that there were a lot of large fish around the marina area and this was true. We had forgotten to take some bread but we still saw heaps. Obviously we will need another visit again while are here. After wandering around the marina we had lunch at the Hogs Breath Cafe. We then joined the Lady Douglas for a crocodile tour in the mangroves. The tour was for an hour and a half and went out into the estuary and we all went crocodile hunting. During the trip we saw at least five or six crocodile of varying sizes. We were quite pleased to see them in the wild.

During the trip we saw a couple of boats that were badly damaged during Cyclone Yasi. They were still waiting to be taken from the water and looked as though they were beyond repair. All the children had a turn of assisting to drive the boat.

It has been cooler here today - only about 24 degrees. Bit disappointing really as I expect it to be warmer than that. I also had to be up early today!! Zoe has the habit of visiting the caravan as soon as she wakes wanting her breakfast as she is starving. She normally turns up anywhere between 7 am and 7.30 am. This morning I was unfortunate to be out of bed when she knocked on the door so that put me on to making the coffee, and the breakfast for Zoe and the others as they turned up. Now it is nearly 5.30 pm and it has turned windy and quite cool. Here's hoping this cool patch blows over quickly.

We are staying at the Glengarry Big 4 caravan park in Port Douglas. After the Coconut Holiday Resort with all the activities for the children they are disappointed with this park as there are no activities and the pool is quite cool.

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  1. Dear Gill and Peter, we are enjoying your blog. Glad you are having such a happy time with the fam! We miss you! J
    And Gill, how do I celebrate the birthday without you? D
    When do Roanne and the family return to NZ? And when do you venture up north....north....north?
    Send us an Exclusive email sometime x