Monday, August 1, 2011


After a very busy Friday we decided that we needed a couple of quiet days. On Saturday whilst Roanne and Roger, along with Tim, took to the shops and some local sightseeing for some time out, the rest of us stayed at the camping ground. Jake and Tim have made friends with a little boy, Slade, who lives in the camp so Jake and Slade kept themselves busy. Zoe, being Zoe, makes friends with adults and children alike and soon is chatting along or playing with someone. We all had a laugh the other day when she told her mother not to talk to strangers when Roanne had a conversation with a lady on one of the board walks. Zoe certainly talks with strangers!

Jake's attempt to have fresh coconut
Jake and Slade had found a coconut and Jake was very keen to taste the milk. When they were told that they couldn't use the unit kitchen knives to try and break the outer husk (I was sure a visit to hospital was next on the agenda) Peter came to the rescue with an axe and a saw. They loved their first taste of fresh coconut.

Grandad helps
Jake pours out the milk
 Breaking in
The first taste
 Jake and friend Slade with the coconut
The rest of the day was spent relaxing around the camp. It was time for relaxation! We all enjoy playing games so played Greed with the children, Roger taught Jake how to play clock solitaire and Gill and Jake played best of three a number of times. Of course Five Crowns is popular with the adults but at this stage we haven't taught the children as it is a bit complicated for Zoe.

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