Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One real short lazy day 13/07/11

Freecamping Campaspe River 12.7.11
We finally pulled out of our very pleasant camp spot by the Campaspe River at about 10:00, yep that’s right I just couldn’t convince Gill to move.  She was sitting up in bed like a beached whale!! She certainly did not take too long to get out of the work mode 1 week and 3 days and I am sure that it even took less time than that.

Today we have only moved 120 k’s up country towards Cairns and are now stopped in an area called  Dalrymple National Park - another of Gill’s little free camp spots.  The actual area is called Fletchers Creek, don’t know if its famous for anything but who cares really we are here and it’s free.  Mind you it obviously will have increased in value following our visit just because we or should I say I have been here. 
Ok as I now am reduced to dribble and can’t think of anything else to say TTFN from a bright HOT, WARM Queensland.

And so Peter leaves it for me to finish.  I note that he omitted to say that I got up and got the breakfast this morning while he stayed in bed!  Okay, I did get back into bed after that. 

We passed through the historic town of Charters Towers this morning and we were quite amazed at the size of it.  At one stage it was the second largest city in Queensland but no longer.  We plan to drive through Charters Towers again as we head back to Melbourne from Mt Isa so didn’t stay today to look around, that will happen next time.  

Bulls share the camping area
at Fletcher Creek, FNQ
The area at Fletcher Creek is obviously very popular.  We arrived at around 12 noon and there were at least one hundred plus caravans and camper trailers surround the river banks.  Throughout the day more caravans have arrived but as there is heaps of room (acres of it) it does not feel busy.   Obviously a farmer has an interest in this land as there are a number of very large bulls grazing the land.  They are not in the least bothered with the people or the vehicles.

Looks as though they have
exceeded the 1 month stay allowed
Again we do not have power, but we are managing really well with the solar panel on the roof and we have gas for hot water, cooking and the fridge.  The temperatures have risen and it was lovely to sit out in the sun reading, and taking an 
enjoyable walk along the riverbank.  Hopefully it means that we have seen the end of sweatshirts etc for a good long while.  There is no service on the phone or internet, and no television reception so we plan to watch a DVD tonight.  Peter keeps reminding me that he is loving our trip and it is just as he dreamt it would be like.  So time for the DVD to – commence – would you believe, it is Peking to Paris, a 14,000 kilometre journey to re-enact one of the world’s great overland adventures (the most daring car race of all).  Perhaps he has dreams of doing something similar one day and this is his way of trying to encourage me!

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