Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Warm weather for the Lumsdens

This morning Roanne, Roger and the children had a very early start and had to be out of bed at 3 am (1 am Australian time) to meet their flight from Auckland to Cairns. We met them at the airport at 10.30 am. Tim and Zoe were quick to get rid of some of their winter clothes! Roger and Jake took the shuttle to the caravan park as we couldn't all fit into the .    
Like us they received a tour of the park facilities but unfortunately the day was already too long for Zoe who was asleep in the car.

 Time to leave winter clothes behind!
The afternoon was full of children's activities including the playground, the jumping pillows (for both big people and little people) and then it was time to put on the togs and spend the next couple of hours at the Splash Funpark which is the caravan park waterslide park. The children spent the afternoon going down the waterslides and the other various water activities. Roanne and I did the supervisory bit and guess what, Peter and Roger wandered back to the caravan and the unit and slept the afternoon away. At 4 pm the camp fire truck rides started, and both Zoe and Tim ensured that they had enough rides to get a turn as the bell ringer. Early dinner for the children and bed before we had an easy BBQ dinner. It was lovely and warm today @ 27 degrees.
 Arrival tour (Zoe was asleep)

Weather looks good

 Jumping pillow fun

 Fire truck rides - Jake shielding his eyes
Resting on a crocodile

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