Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying the park facilities

After such a full day on Sunday we all agreed that as it was our last day in Cairns we would have a day in the park. We spent a good part of the day at the whale swimming pool, although I am not sure that anyone got in the large pool as the spa was very popular. Soon it was time for table tennis & tennis again but really that is more about hitting the ball across the table and then chasing the ball to hit it back. Still all three children enjoy it.

We had met a Dad with his two girls, Charlie aged 7 and Stevie aged 3 when they had played ball with Jake, Tim and Zoe in the spa. They were playing basketball when we arrived at the table tennis tables and the children soon joined in for a combined game. They were fast becoming friends and made arrangements to meet at the Splash fun park at 3 pm. Jake got very anxious as it got towards 3 as he didn't want to miss playing with Charlie. It was lovely to see him making friends. The next couple of hours or so went very quickly spent at the waterslide park. While Peter and I cooked dinner the Lumsdens played tennis - Zoe ended up with a bleeding nose from running into the net pole but that was the only casualty. It was dark when they finished but they really enjoyed their time. Roger tells us that it is about 25 years since he last played tennis but he certainly looked as though he was enjoying it. The boys are going to go to tennis lessons this summer so this and the table tennis have been good introductions.

Tomorrow we leave Cairns and head for Port Douglas. The Coconut Holiday Resort was a perfect choice for us in Cairns with plenty of activities for the children and far more than we have seen at any other caravan park we have stayed in over the years. The caravan park is beautifully maintained and deserves it's five star rating and the additional costs charged to stay. There were lots of retired couples staying as well as a few families with children.

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