Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Barrier Reef visit for the Lumsden family

There was an early start for Roanne and Roger and the children on Sunday as they were booked on to the Reef Magic boat trip and had to be down at the marina for an 8 am start. Tim had not been very well on Saturday but he was not going to stay behind. As soon as he got out of the Patrol down at the Marina he was sick (fortunately he was out of the car!) - a perfect way to start a day on a boat. Fortunately that was the only time he was sick all day.

They had a wonderful full day which included snorkeling and seeing many of the marine life of the reef. They were also told of and saw some of the damage caused by the recent cyclone. Roanne had fortunately brought their wetsuits with them. However Zoe being Zoe decided that her job for the day was to be social to all the other travelers and did not go in the water even after lots of encouragement. Still she is in lots of photos to go in the albums of many tourists.

As Peter and I have previously been to the reef (and I don't really enjoy the boat and have a long term memory of being very sick last time) we decided to stay behind. Peter and I thought that we may go down to the shops, catching the caravan park shuttle bus. However after we had caught up with the housework (it still needs to be done even though we are on holiday) and the washing, we went for a couple of walks around the camp and did our share of socializing. Before we knew it, it was mid afternoon and the thought of going shopping was no longer appealing. We are retired now you know, we can do that tomorrow or the next day if we want too!

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