Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canberra To Dubbo

Camp Ground Canberra Motor Village (Great Value and Clean) 
(Doing what will become the norm over
the next twelve months packing up)
Today was to be an easy day.  We had decided to stay a day longer in Canberra as the weather wasn't the greatest for towing the van & camp; hey we ain't in no hurry.  Anyway we moved on today.  All in all a pretty uneventful day - covered 384k's and as for waiting for the weather to get better well that was a waste of time.  It was blowing equally as much today as it was yesterday so we hooked up and away we went.

What a difference in Diesel consumption when the wind is blowing especially toward you - 25.18 Ltrs per 100k's.  Sure hope that it doesn't blow the whole way around!

There was not a lot to see on the way - well let me correct that, not a lot that we wanted to see anyway.  We did enjoy window shopping in a couple of the small towns we passed through.   However there were a couple of things that we did notice

1) They don't know how to park in NSW and that includes the Police (all the vehicles backed into the angle parks)

2) There is a Wellington in Australia as well

(The caves were closed for
the day as we passed)

(3) There is one hell of a lot of road kill in NSW (Sorry no Pic's Gill wouldn't let me post them!) and the days are getting longer and dare I say it, a little warmer

Anyway we are in Dubbo for the night fantastic, who knows we may just stay a couple of nights, and yes not free camping again either, too cold and need power for heaters - whats more only $22.00 per night. (Poplar Caravan Park)

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  1. When in NSW do as the NSWelshmen do and reverse in - you do know how to reverse? It can only get warmer heading north (that is once you get past Sydney)