Friday, July 15, 2011

A relaxing day

 History of school Rollingstone
Time for a scrub
We had decided to stay on at Rollingstone for a second night so today has been a very leisurely day. We spent the morning going for a walk down to the river and catching up on some chores. Although this is a free camp it is well serviced with taps and we have a tap directly by the van. Peter took the opportunity to wash some of the outback red dirt off the caravan. He was able to finish three sides but left the awning side so not to wet the grass where we sit. Tomorrow before we head off he will finish that side. We came prepared for this, bringing the car wash and the brush along with us. I am sure this will be the first of many washes as we travel - the red dirt certainly gets everywhere.

Scones for morning tea
Peter adds jam and cream
As many will know, car or caravan cleaning has never been in my job description. So to ensure that I remained in the good books, out came the bowl and the baking ingredients and I made a batch of sultana scones. These certainly went down well, particularly after Peter had topped his with butter, blackberry jelly and cream!

 Cyclone damage Balgal Beach
The restaurant Balgal inlet
We are close to the coast but not staying at the coast. We decided it was time to have our first walk on the sand for this holiday so we returned to Balgal Beach (where we had called yesterday but couldn't get into the camping area). It was only about five kilometres from here. It was great to walk along the sand, but sad to see the still evident devastation from the cyclone early in 2011.

Soon after we returned to the caravan we had an electrical storm and some showers. Fortunately the rain didn't set in and has now cleared. It is Friday night so my night off from cooking so chef Peter is outside cooking bacon and eggs on the BBQ. We plan to head north again tomorrow, planning on staying at Babinda before the final hop in a couple of days to Cairns.

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