Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two weeks in Port Macquarie, New South Wales begins

During the time we were staying at The Gap we had received an offer to house sit for thirteen days in Port Macquarie.  As the dates fitted in perfectly for us, we happily accepted and arrived late in the day to care for Penny, a Kelpie and Cleo, a moggy cat.  The homeowners had left early in the morning on their flight to Port Douglas so the animals were pleased to welcome us as that meant dinner!

We soon settled into our stay.  The home was built on a hill that overlooked the bay in the distance and we had a great view from the deck and lounge areas.  Breakfast on the deck meant the company of our two new friends - Penny and Cleo.

We had previously visited Port Macquarie a couple of times but they had always been short visits and we had never really explored the area.  These two weeks gave us time to do this.  Penny was very used to riding in the car, and one mention of the word "walk" and she was pulling on her lead where it hung and was ready to go.  Our initial drive and walk took us to Tacking Point - the lighthouse here is the third oldest lighthouse in Australia.  It was built on a rocky headland about eight kilometres south of Port Macquarie in 1879 and was automated in 1919 when it was converted from wick oil light.  With the automation the lighthouse was demanned from 1920.  The foundations of the keepers cottage are still visible.  Apparently over twenty ships were wrecked in this area.  It is a very unusual shape for a lighthouse with the storeroom attached to the side.  It is only eight metres high and this was considered sufficient because of the elevation of the site.

There is a coastal walk from Town Beach in Port Macquarie and this ends at the next beach to Tacking Point which is called Lighthouse Beach.  The walk is nine kilometres in length.  The coast on one side of the lighthouse is quite rocky (Miners Beach).

On the opposite side a beautiful sandy beach (Lighthouse Beach).  Penny was in her element and loved the opportunity to go for a walk - unfortunately there are no dogs allowed on this beach, and the majority of the others, so we had to give the beach walking a miss.  We understand that there are camel rides available on this beach - the homeowner we were sitting for had originally owned that business but had recently sold it.  The walks are in the morning so certainly wouldn't have the charm of the camel ride we had last year in Broome in Western Australia at sunset.

Lighthouse Beach

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