Friday, September 13, 2013

Time for our friends to say good-bye

Jocelyn and Greg stayed with us from Saturday until Thursday morning and we had a great time enjoying their company.  For them it was a first time experience of "house sitting" and they were quite taken with the opportunities that are available.  However they do travel with their little companion, Marley, who is a young spoodle so that poses a few difficulties.

On the Wednesday it was Jocelyn's birthday.  After a relaxing morning, with Jocelyn receiving a number of birthday wishes by 'phone, we all had a swim in the heated pool and walked the dogs. We then left the dogs at home to entertain themselves and we headed to Samford Village.

Samford Village is about twenty minutes drive from The Gap.  It is a very popular area with a number of cafes and as it is on the rural edge of the city encourages lots of day visitors.  We had missed the fact that it was a public holiday (Brisbane Show Day) as these days make no difference to us now that we are not working.  However, on this occasion we should have thought ahead and made a booking at a cafe.  We tried three different cafes and were told that it would be forty minutes to an hour and a half before a table would be available.  A number of other cafes we didn't need to even ask as it was clear the answer was going to be the same.

So we chose to go to the village hotel.  This is far from second class as it had a huge open dining area, plus verandahs and outdoor gazebo.  We were able to get a table, the menu was impressive, and we placed our orders.  It was really pleasant and we enjoyed sharing Jocelyn's birthday with them in this way.

Back home it was time to bake a cake so that the birthday celebrations could continue.  We had a delightful day, and it was a bit sad to say good-bye next morning.  Jocelyn and Greg have a time
frame in which they need to be back in Melbourne so it was important that they head back to the caravan and begin their meander down the country.
Birthday lunch

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