Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our time in Brisbane comes to an end

Once Sharryn left to return to Wellington I had just two days on my own before Peter returned from Wellington.  During those days I spent lots of time taking Toby for his walks, it was my task to water the gardens and keep the pool and house clean (which I did exceptionally well in my opinion) and of course swim, and relax in the outside lounge area.  Toby was a constant companion and when I was outside either tending to the pool, watering or relaxing he spent his time, with one eye open on me, dozing on his seat.  The days went very quickly and we were now in our last few days before it was time to move on.

Once Peter was home we had just two days to finalise sorting out our gear that previously fitted in the Patrol and now had to fit in the Falcon.  Surprisingly it was too difficult and with the station wagon area, plus the back seats folded down we had everything in.

Thursday, 5th September was time for us to move on - we had thoroughly enjoyed staying in The Gap. Initially we had thought that nearly seven weeks would be too long, but surprisingly the time went very quickly and we would have been more than happy to stay longer.  The fact that we had a beautiful relaxing home, a pool which could be used all year round, a wonderful pet and superb surroundings of course helped this.  Perhaps we will be back on day - we will miss Toby.

So after a final clean we pulled out at around 10 am heading for Port Macquarie which was nearly 600 kilometres south where our next house sit assignment begins.  We do not have any nights in between the two assignments so it was a direct trip down the East Coast, a road we have travelled a number of times.

We pulled into Ballina for fuel and passed "The Big Prawn".  Apparently this icon was originally built in 1989 and was approved for demolition however the community opposed this.  A new Bunnings Warehouse has been built opposite the original "Prawn" site and Bunnings management agreed to shift the prawn the 100 metres or so across a newly developed roundabout and it now sits pride of place for all to see.  Obviously top marks to the community action and the Bunnings management team for making this happen.  The "Big Prawn" certainly looks impressive in its new home.

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