Friday, April 6, 2012

Our week in Perth

We have now arrived in Perth. We stayed Thursday night at the Central Caravan Park. This was a mistake - one the most expensive camps we have stayed in and by far the worst. Could not recommend this to anyone. Fortunately it was for one night only.

We are now house sitting for a young couple for eight days. They have gone on holiday to Cocos Island. It is a beautifully presented home and it is so lovely to be here. We are the carers for their cat and three goldfish. We plan to take in the sights of Perth while staying here.

So the weather is going to be nice. How's this for a week in April and it is autumn?

Saturday 30 deg
Sunday 29 deg
Monday 30 deg
Tuesday 33 deg
Wednesday 32 deg
Thursday 29 deg
Friday 30 deg

I shouldn't feel the cold this week!

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