Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kalbarri township

A view of Kalbarri township - small as it is there are five caravan parks.
We are staying at one on the foreshore and it is lovely to be able to go for
walks. We have had a quiet day today - after all it is Saturday and we
should be preparing to rest on tomorrow. The last few days we have had very
little internet coverage so I have spent most of the day today getting our
blog up to date (and it now is!) and catching up on washing etc. It can be
tiring to be "on the road" so we are enjoying a day r and r.

The caravan park was pretty full when we booked in yesterday. Today we
think between 60% and 70% of the people packed up as the school holidays
have finished and school recommences on Monday. Tonight there are quite a
number of empty sites, but there are the constant stream of tourists in
campervans come in as well. Kalbarri National Park is definitely on the
tourist route.

We plan to visit other sights in the National Park tomorrow and then decide
if we will move on northwards on Monday.

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