Thursday, April 26, 2012

P & G at Hawks Head

We left Kalbarri on Tuesday heading towards Shark Bay. Our journey
commenced with a drive through the National Park and we made a stop off at
both Hawks Head and Graham Ross Lookout before we met with the main road.

Hawks Head had a short walk to the lookout with a view down the gorge.
Again it was pretty impressive. What is particularly interesting is that
from a distance it is impossible to see the gorge as it is deep and narrow
and you don't see it as it blends in with the landscape - this is really
hard to describe. You will just have to visit to see for yourself.

The days have been really warm - most days around 34 degrees by 11 a.m.
Walking certainly zaps your energy. The flies are getting really bad too -
we have never seen anything like them and they are much worse here than what
we experienced in Central Australia.

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