Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lynton Convict Depot near Northhampton, WA

We continued our journey north and stopped briefly at the historic town of
Northampton. There was a beautiful old convent alongside the Catholic
Church in the main road. It is interesting to note that the church was
still operating as a church yet the convent was now budget accommodation.
Both buildings were built in the pale stone of the rammed earth fences we
had followed for miles. Very interesting!

Here at Northampton we took a left turn heading again towards the coast and
in particular Kalbarri National Park. The area is grain growing and looked
very dry as the grain had been harvested and some of the paddocks had been
burned off. Long straight roads led to the coast and on the way we stopped
off at Lynton Convict Depot. Port Gregory, which is nearby, was initially
thought to be the second most important port in the West, and the convicts were
landed here (and also some "bride" ships) and came to Lynton Convict Depot
to serve out their time. There was a supervisor appointed who received free
transportation to Australia for him and his family and was required to
supervise the prison for two years prior to receiving a grant of land. Some
of the original buildings are still standing, although have been renovated
with new roofs etc over the last few years.

It must have been a very bleak country to have arrived at.

Soon after the building of the convict depot at Lynton the decision was made
that the coastline at Port Gregory was too rough and after many shipwrecks
the port was closed.

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