Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shell Beach

On the drive towards Shark Bay we stopped off at Shell Beach. This beach
has billions of tiny white "coquina bivalve" sea shells rather than sand.
The shell deposits are apparently about ten metres deep and apparently go
out into the bay. I have to say "apparently" as we commenced the walk down
on to the beach to explore and the flies were so bad we didn't even make the
water. They were so bad - by far the worse we have seen. The annoying
thing about these flies is that they are clingy. They hang around your
face, go in your ears, try and go up your nose and it is impossible to work
out which part of you you should be fanning first.

We decided we couldn't put up with this any longer - we walked back to the
car and the next shop we arrive at we will be looking to buy some fly nets
as we cannot find the two we have in the caravan.

So we can't tell you much about Shell Beach other than there is no sand, but
shells which are very deep and that the beach is supposedly about sixty
kilometres long. I understand that there are only two beaches like this in
the world and the other one is in Florida, USA. Perhaps when we visit
Florida again one day we may visit the other shell beach and here's hoping
they have their flies under control!

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