Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dolphins Monkey Mia

Just twenty six kilometres from Denham is the Monkey Mia Resort which is a
well-known part of the World Heritage coastline. It is well known as a
dolphin reserve as every day a number of dolphins are fed in the shallow
waters in front of the resort. There is also a dolphin information centre
staffed by marine biologists who study the dolphin biology and behaviour

Monkey Mia Resort has accommodation including motels, cabins and very
limited camping facilities. A park entry is charged and this entitles
visitors to use of the resort facilities and to see the dolphin feeding.
The resort is not flash, which is a little surprising considering its lovely

The first feeding of the day is around 8 am so we got up early (especially
for me) to be there then as we had booked on a cruise at 10.30 am leaving
from Monkey Mia and would possibly miss any later feeding time.

There were a number of dolphin swimming around in the bay when we arrived.
These dolphin are wild and there are only five dolphin currently in the
feeding program, the rest just join for social interaction. To be in the
program the dolphin must be female, more than twelve years old, respond to
hand feeding and do not bite.

It was interesting to watch the dolphins playing in the water and there was
no apparent aggression from the other dolphin when the feeding of the five
dolphin took place. Volunteers assisted the resort staff with this process.

Even though it was early in the day, the water was lovely and warm and was
apparently about 22 degrees. Again it was a beautiful day, with no wind and
don't ask me how they achieve it, no flies.

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