Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our visit to Perth comes to an end - Stage Three is now complete

While we have been in Perth we have taken the opportunity to have the twelve month service completed on our Jayco Sterling caravan.  This was actually due in early November 2011 however as the caravan was in storage while we visited New Zealand, and there were no Jayco service agents in Port Augusta it was agreed by Jayco that they would hold the service over until our arrival in Perth.  This service was the prime reason that we arranged to house sit while in Perth as we were aware the service would take a few days.


The service was completed by PDA Repairs of 220 Maddington Road, Maddington.  We were very happy with the service undertaken by this company and would recommend them to others requiring work done on any brand or model caravan.  Because of this we decided it was a good opportunity to have the caravan chassis raised approximately four inches (underslung).  This required us to stay in Perth three extra days which we did.  We had often found that the caravan was very low to the ground and was inclined to scrap as we pulled into sites, cross speed humps and from time to time could not divert from the remains of road kill and this was causing under damage to the caravan.


We picked up the caravan mid afternoon on Monday 16th April and headed north out of Perth.  Stage three is now officially finished.  We completed 6972 kilometres on this stage and since we left Melbourne on the 4th July 2011 we have completed 24,438 kilometres.


  1. 24,438 km and how many bags of lollies?

    1. Certainly not enough possibly 10 bags most!!

  2. An extra 4 inches clearance and you will now get up our drive

  3. You got it we did it especially so that would be the case