Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cruising the canals from Mandurah

The weather in Perth over the Easter holiday period was wonderful with
temperatures in the low 30's each day. We seemed to spend the holiday
period on the water. Our days included catching the ferry, the Fremantle
cruise, cruising the canals in Mandurah and later in the week a visit to
Rottnest Island.

On Easter Monday we caught the train from Warwick to Mandurah - this is an
easy commute as we were fortunate that the closest station to where we were
staying was on the line that went direct to Mandurah. If we had taken the
car it was a distance of 85 kilometres each way yet the train journey was
fast and direct, took just over an hour and cost just $9.30 return for a
family ticket. If we had five kids we could have taken them on that ticket
as well! No ideas anyone, we don't need your children to join us.

Mandurah has a beautiful foreshore with large picnic facilities, playground,
restaurants etc. We decided to take a cruise of the canals - over the last
ten years multi-million dollar homes have been built along canals and a lot
of these homes have large cruise boats tied up on the canals. The cruise
certainly provided a good opportunity to see many of these homes. Tucked at
the end of a couple of the canals were series of restaurants and bars which
were packed as it was Easter Monday. As we sailed we were entertained by
pods of dolphins which are regularly seen in the bay.

After the cruise we were happy to wander along the foreshore watching the
large family groups enjoying a day out. It sometimes reminds us that for us
family and friends are a long way away. After a full day we were happy to
have a stress free trip home on the train.

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