Thursday, August 4, 2011

To market, to market

Port Douglas has markets on Sunday morning so it was time for Roanne and I to have some time out so we went to the market for a couple of hours. This is set up in the waterfront at the end of town. There is a beautiful church in this area. Apparently it was shifted to the site in 1988 from a neighboring street and completely renovated. It is now a most popular choice for weddings. On Sundays the market stalls completely surround it. We weren't the big spenders of the day but enjoyed our time. The temperatures have averaged around 25 degrees every day so have been very pleasant.

Stall at market
Back at the camp we decided to pack up and go down to the beach for the afternoon. Although the temperatures have been pleasant the mornings and afternoons have been quite windy which is very annoying, and then in the evenings the wind dies down and the evenings are warm and very pleasant to sit outside.

Lizard by tree beside caravan
We went down to the beach and it didn't take long for all three children to be playing in the waves. Roanne ended up wet to nearly her waist as she hadn't put her togs on and had to keep going out further and further into the water to remind Jake in particular to not go out too far. It was very tempting for him! Children and sand always encourages creative play and the afternoon soon went. Peter and Jake took off for a long walk along the beach which had it's adventures for both of them. The lifesavers were on the beach and we had chosen to swim between the flags. Before the afternoon was finished Zoe was sitting on the quad bike with the volunteers chatting away.

We have taken to cooking our dinner mainly down in the large open air kitchen at the camp. This area has good tables and chairs and is very communal. We have taught the children how to play last card, and Zoe likes "pairs" so the waiting time for dinner soon passes. Tomorrow is Jake's 8th birthday so he is quite excited.

 Zoe at Port Douglas beach
The boys Port Douglas beach
Tim and his hole
Not to be outdone - Zoe in the hole

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