Friday, August 5, 2011

Time to go

Mangrove walk
On the Mangrove walk
Wednesday, 3rd August had arrived and this meant there was an airplane to catch. We had to leave Port Douglas by 10 am. The day started as usual with Zoe arriving for breakfast. Today she arrived in her nightie which was not normal. Her favourite dress was on our clothes line and she wanted and had to wear it. Unfortunately it had rained a little overnight but that didn't matter for Zoe - on went the dress regardless. Then Grandad had his last chance for a while now to make breakfast for his little granddaughter. The boys soon arrived and breakfast continued for a while. Roanne and Roger were very organized and the morning went smoothly. The children had plenty of time to run around and play with friends.

It is my birthday in a few days so the children enjoyed having kept a secret and gave me my birthday present. It is a lovely long sleeved red top and a short sleeved grey top. Roanne knows how much I feel the cold lately and the tops will be great when we are back in cold temperatures. We may not be able to speak with the family on my actual birthday as we will be somewhere remotely in Cape York.
 Mangrove walk
On the way to the airport Tim and Jake travelled with Peter and me. We talked about all the things they had done during their 15 day holiday and it was surprising the small detail they could remember. Of course Duncan's "Crocodile Rock" song came up and Peter and Tim enjoyed singing it over and over again. Not Jake though, he will never be an entertainer. They were keen to know if Duncan had made the song up so the Internet helped (while waiting at the petrol station) and Elton John's song was played. This is totally different to Duncan's version which we all agreed was much better.

Looking at crabs Mangrove walk
Soon after we saw a paddock with heaps of kangaroo. We decided that it must have been a farm or similar to have so many in one place at nearly 11 am and near suburbia as well.
We stopped at the Mangrove Walk on the way into the airport. This is an interesting board walk amongs the mangroves and takes about 15-20 minutes. We saw lots of the crabs, both red and blue ones, and the sign boards explained how important the mangroves are to Cairns as
cyclone protection. It was really interesting and a good opportunity for the children to stretch their legs and have a run before boarding the plane for the trip home.
Crab in the Mangroves
Once at the airport the travelers changed out of their summer clothes and into warmer clothes as they arrive back in Auckland at 8.30 at
night and it will be a totally different temperature than Cairns. It was sad to say good bye but holidays have to come to an end.

For Peter and I it was back to Port Douglas and time to start packing up as we move out of camp on Thursday to commence our Cape York trip
Tim putting back on winter clothes
Zoe's koala teeshirt
Jake in his snake teeshirt taking the bag
Tim pushing the trolley
 Zoe helps out
On way into airport
  We will certainly miss the company of the children and Roanne and Roger.

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