Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A very short entry 16/08/2011

 The view from Gill's stretcher Punsand Bay
We have done nothing of note apart from sit at the beach and watch the waves come and go – no wait on Gill did some washing as I was out of clothes and Gill also just informed me that she took a photo as she wallowed in bed this morning like a beached whale! She tells me that she took the photo at 6.45 but you will see that I was up and she was still in bed. Gill has had her nose in her damn e-book all day and we are having trouble keeping all the gear charged off the car. 

Punsand beach
I have had to start it and let it run for ½ hour a couple of times a day. We move on again tomorrow as we commence the return trip to Port Douglas and civilization.

Our campsite at Punsand Bay

 $220 safari tents per night Punsand
 front of safari tents Punsand
Ensuite Bungalo's Punsand $280 per night
Inside Bungalo's
Apparently this is the resort Pig!
 Restaurant Bar area Punsand
Beach Punsand
On the phone
Gills turn she sure can make the simple complex!
 Sunset Punsand
Sunrise Punsand

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