Friday, August 5, 2011


Packing up the Patrol
We had our first night in the tent last night. It was very windy overnight with some showers but the tent stayed erected so that was good. Peter is taking a bit to adjust to the stretcher and the sleeping bag after the comforts of the caravan. During the night I got up to go over to the toilet and in the light of my torch saw two kangaroos just a few feet from the tent. They were not bothered by me but I certainly got a surprise to see them.

Cooktown lighthouse in the rain
We have had showers off and on all day today which has been disappointing. We had a look at the main business area of Cooktown which is very small but includes about five pubs. Even early in the morning there were locals standing about quite intoxicated. No wonder the reports say that alcoholism is a major concern in the area. We went to the information centre to collect our census packs ready for the 9th August as we may well be bush camping that night. The information centre is in the botanical gardens which are quite nice. Rain stopped us wandering too far. We went and saw the lighthouse at the top of grassy hill. This lighthouse was brought out to Cooktown from the UK. Again rain stopped us from hanging around the lookout.

Cooktown from the lookout (raining)
There is a sleepy wharf area and the only activity was a local trawler selling prawns and he seemed to have a steady flow of customers. The memorial to James Cook's arrival in the Endeavour is also near here.

This afternoon we went to the James Cook Museum which is housed in an original Sisters of the Mission Convent. The building was in a derelict condition before being renovated and reopened by Queen Elizabeth as a museum. It is well worth a visit and we spent a couple of hours there.

Cooktown waterways in the rain
Tomorrow we pack up and head north. We hope the rain is behind us and that the tent dries out somewhat overnight. We may be visiting some quite remote areas over the next couple of weeks so not sure that the blog will be updated or there will be any email or telephone contact. I will try and update as I am able.

Memorial to Captain Cook
Kangaroo in the camping ground at Cooktown
Cooktown Museum
 Anchor and canon from Endeavour
100 years ago they had these pills!
Aboriginal paintings on tiles Cooktown
Cooktown Aboriginal painting on tiles
Cooktown harbour
 Our site in Cooktown

 Cooktown Post Office
 Main Street Cooktown
Cooktown Hotel


  1. Have just shown Mum you tube of the telegraph track. She said being adventurous is one thing but that looks plain stupid! I think she thought you were off for a gentle trip around Australia. She said good luck.
    We are looking forward to photos and video.
    I think it is ok to wake up to kangaroos, I think it is the snakes and crocs I would be worried about.
    Looking forward to cathcing up when you get back into a reception area.
    Have fun. Pete, I know this is one of the highlights of your trip planning, enjoy.

  2. Hi Guys it has been great to read of your adventures so far. What an awesome time you had with Roanne, Roger and the grandkids. Now the Cape York leg..... Will be looking froward to reading about this when you return to reception. I don't know of anyone else having been all that way up the Cape. Gill I know it will be past your birthday when you read this, but many happies anyway. I hope you had a lovely day. Take care both of you love heaps xx

  3. BTW it is Sunday the 7th when I posted this so I have got the date right :)