Friday, August 5, 2011

The last day of the Lumsden holiday

Inside the church Port Douglas foreshore
 Roger and Peter Cooking Dinner Glengarry
Tomorrow our daughter and son in law and three grandchildren return to New Zealand. Today was the last chance for them to catch some sun and warm weather. Unfortunately it was quite windy again which was most annoying. The boys still had birthday money left to spend and Zoe had been promised a koala soft toy so we made our way down to Habitat Wildlife. Jake chose a great book on Australia's deadliest animals and started quoting us facts and figures. He is so like Cam! Tim took some time choosing - he seemed to think that a book on koalas would be a good idea but then there was this rubber black headed python which he could see he would have a lot of fun with, so that was his final choice. Fortunately the koala Zoe wanted was still in stock so the purchases were made. The children have all chosen an Australian teeshirt - Jake's with a python, Tim's with koala and Zoe pink with koala on it. They are now set with their souvenirs of their holiday.
Next stop was the marina so that we could feed the fish with the stale bread. When we had visited last week the water was very clear and the fish were jumping out of the water. Not today. Heaps of bread had to be thrown in and only a few came to the surface and the water was very murky. We then went for a walk along the waterfront and looked at the boats and had some time at the playground.
We spent the afternoon at the camping ground while Roanne and Roger packed up. We have new neighbors from Seymour in Victoria and they have kids as well so there were new friends - this is the great part of staying in a camping ground with children. We enjoyed a lovely BBQ dinner with huge T-bone steaks and we had some glow sticks in the caravan so the children had a lovely time playing with them in the dark. It made a special last night.

Dinner in the communal dining area Glengarry

Roanne & the Kids playing cards before dinner

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