Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tjaynera Falls, Litchfield National Park

From Blyth Homestead we continued along the four wheel drive track as we planned on visiting Tjaynera Falls.  There is a camping area and day picnic area and then a 1.7 kilometre walk into the falls.  We had a picnic lunch – Peter cooked up chicken sausages and along with flat bread and sauces it was a pretty good lunch.  We had quite a few other walkers asking if he was going to sell his lunch as a sausage sizzle.  Perhaps he and them are missing the sausage sizzles at Bunnings!

The walk into the falls was much easier than the Jim Jim Falls walk.  It was mainly a sandy track meandering over rocks and roots, up and down small inclines and across the stream where rock hopping was required.  However just before the falls the track finished and it was a matter of climbing over the boulders but fortunately there weren’t too many of them.

The falls and the plunge pool made the walk very worthwhile.  It was really warm so it didn’t take too much convincing to get in the water.  We have learned it is wiser to get changed back at the car and come prepared as there is never any changing facilities. 

Connor, along with our campsite neighbours Tim and Christine, was soon on the opposite side of the pool near the base of the falls.  As for me, I stayed near the edge of the plunge pool as the rocks were really slippery and the water was soon quite deep.  Peter was the last in the water and he swam across to join the others and enjoyed the deeper water in the middle of the pool.  We didn’t quite have the pool to ourselves but there weren’t too many people around.  It seems that the tour buses don’t visit these falls which was rather nice.

Of course when you walk in 1.7 kilometres you need to walk back out.  Fortunately the majority of the track is shaded by the bush and although it was very warm it was comfortable walking.  At least the exercise for the day has been done!

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