Saturday, August 4, 2012

Florence Falls Plunge Pool, Litchfield Park

After the walk down the steps there is a short walk to the Florence Falls plunge pool.  This must be one of the most popular places within Litchfield National Park and I think nearly every tourist in the Northern Territory was at the plunge pool when we visited.  There was no way it was “sacred and quiet” when we visited.

We had changed in the car before coming down to the falls and we were pleased we had as there are no changing facilities when you get to the plunge pool.  How annoying if you had walked down all those stairs and then didn’t want to change in full view of all the tourists! 

I found the pool quite hard to climb into as there were no steps or handrails and it was a matter of climbing over the rocks and roots of the large trees and just slipping into the water.  I am not confident when I don’t know the depth and the rocks were quite slippery.  Connor had no problems and he was over the other side of the plunge pool and under the edge of the waterfall before I was in the water.  The water was cold initially but as it was so warm we soon acclimatised.  I didn’t venture far from the rocks near the edge as the pool is very deep and I don’t like going in over my depth but Peter enjoyed a swim across the pool to the falls.

Connor is now sporting a small graze on his chin from hitting his chin on a rock.  Beside that he has a couple of small cuts on his foot and a few bruises where he had a trip on the rocks jumping in at Wangi Falls – he is beginning to think he is the walking wounded.

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