Sunday, August 12, 2012

Berry Springs, Darwin

After four days at Wangi Falls we packed up early to head back into Darwin.  We had a pretty full day planned before we had to be at the airport for our flight to Melbourne.

Our first stop was at Bachelor which is the small town adjacent to Litchfield National Park.  It is quite a pretty town with lots of trees and parks.  We didn’t stay long, just long enough to connect to the internet and clear emails and messages as it had been four days.

Next stop was at Berry Springs which is a beautiful public reserve about fifty kilometres from Darwin.  We just so wish this reserve was close to our home – no wonder it is such a popular place to visit.  We did a smile at the parking sign “If the car park’s full, Berry Springs is crowded.  Come back later.”  Fortunately we were visiting on a Thursday and there weren’t a lot of visitors so parking, especially with the caravan on, was not a problem.

There are very large picnic areas with lots of BBQ’s and there were quite a few people having picnics.  We didn’t have much time, so we had a swim in the springs and then a quick lunch back at the caravan.  The springs are very beautiful; with very clear “warm” water so I more than happy to go for a short swim.  Connor was with us and he continued down the stream to the lower pool which he said was very blue.  We will have to visit again with more time to enjoy.

Towards Lower End Berry Springs 
The caravan is now in storage while the Patrol is at the local Nissan dealer having the air conditioning system replaced. 

We are flying to Melbourne during the evening on 2nd August and will be returning to Darwin again in the early hours of Tuesday, 21st August.  We are not looking forward to leaving the beautiful warm weather behind us and going to a wintry Melbourne but we have reasons for our visit at this time of the year.

There will be no updates on our blog while we are in Melbourne but will commence again on our return. 

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