Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shady Creek, Litchfield Park

There are many shady forest walking areas within Litchfield National Park.  After our visit to Buley Rockpools we stopped off at Shady Creek for a picnic lunch before heading to Florence Falls for a swim. 
The signposts said it was a picnic area, so we made our way down to the creek looking for a table.  Unfortunately there are only about two tables so we decided a large rocky area would have to do so Peter was the chief cook as burgers were on the menu.  It was just lovely sitting in the shade, Peter cooking, and listening to the birds and the creek.

Connor entertained himself sitting on a large rock while eating his chicken burger.  A couple of the rangers came along and sat on the walking bridge to eat their lunch.  Connor decided he wouldn’t want to be a ranger as he didn’t want to pick up other people’s rubbish!

Again it has been very warm with daytime temperatures sitting at around thirty degrees with clear blue skies.  We have not seen any rain now for over four months.  The night temperatures have also been very pleasant, in the mid-teens.  The only disadvantage of sitting outside in the evening is the mosquitos and the midgies both of which can be really annoying and bite well.  We have all had to resort to using lots of insect repellent and still have to put cream on itchy bites.

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