Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blyth Homestead, Litchfield National Park

We did a day trip to Blyth Homestead – this is about fifteen kilometres from the campsite.  Blyth homestead is now in ruins but was originally built in 1928 to house the older children of the Blyth family who ran the station and had a homestead about fifteen kilometres further away. 

The older children were mainly involved in caring for cattle and also the tin mine.  The homestead is still standing and is in reasonable condition.  It is made up of two rooms with wide verandahs on each side which keeps the house quite cool.  

The tin mine was across the stream and there is some signage telling the history of the tin mine. 

The drive into the homestead was signed as a four wheel drive track only and we had to cross two water crossings on our way in.  One was quite interesting in that it had a curve and it was impossible to see the end of the water as you entered it.  We were fortunate not to meet anyone coming towards us and decide who was going to reverse.

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