Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finishing the coastal walk

We decided that as our time in Port Macquarie was fast coming to an end that we had better complete the coastal walk without delay.  Of course any mention of the word "walk" and Penny was not going to be left behind.
Penny in car waiting
We drove to Nobby's Beach which is very close to where we were staying.  This is the only beach on the coastal walk where dogs are allowed on the sand and Penny knew she was back at one of her favourite places.  We commenced our walk at the Nobby Head Obelisk and we were quite surprised to see some guys down on the rocks below fishing with the waves breaking around them.  Keen fishermen obviously.

Fishermen near Nobby's Beach
We walked towards Shelly Beach.  Here we had to leave the track as the track took walkers along the beach and signage made it very clear that dogs were not allowed on that section of the beach. Although there was no one else on the beach, we respected the no dogs rule and made our way back up to the roadway.
Shelley Beach
We continued our walk along the road until we came to Harry's Lookout where we again could enter. This spot is just a lookout point but possibly a very popular one especially with weddings parties. There was some interesting structures which would have made for unique photos.
Harry's Lookout
We finished our walk at Miners Beach and of course from there we had to turn around and repeat our walk back to the car.  Still it was really pleasant walking so we weren't unhappy about that.  The trees along the way were in flower and very pretty.

Variety of plants along the way
We had now completed the coastal walk, albeit in stages, from Town Green in the city all the way to Lighthouse Beach.  It is certainly a great asset to the area.

Coastal views

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