Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Tasting Dish

The choice was a kid's cone for $3, a small for $5, a large for $10 or a tasting dish of eight flavours for $15. A group who were just finishing said there was only one choice ...... Well of course it had to be the tasting dish so we could try lots of the flavours instead of being limited to one or two. The tray doesn't look that big but I can assure you it took some eating. They were just wonderful with unique flavours. Don't think you can buy Millers in any supermarket we go too.

We also bought two litres of milk, produced on the farm with that layer of cream for the top third of the container - just like the pint bottle from years ago. Rice pudding made from it has been beautiful and I have had porridge made with it the last couple of mornings. No low fat in that milk and I still like to stick to the low fat variety in my coffee.

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