Sunday, October 30, 2011

After much research

As some of you will know Gill has completed a lot of the research for our current trip, one of the things that we often talk about is updating the rig at some stage.  Well the good news is that finally I think we have found the new rig, we are probably going to have to do a few mods to the tug and put in some extra seating so that we both will be able to fit but I think that we are on the right track.   Another item that may need some adjustment is the power pac but we are sure that if we install a big enough solar panel we will be ok.

So without any further preamble let me introduce the outcome:-


  1. It's perfect! Will you have his and hers varieties?

  2. No probably just get the custom made two seater or else a second trailer with a seat then we would be a 'Road Train'