Sunday, September 18, 2011

A week-end in a National Park

Although we were very close to Alice Springs we decided that we wouldn’t stay at this stage but would have the week-end at the Trephina Gorge National Park which is in the East McDonnell Ranges.  We will return to Alice Springs and stay for a few days after visiting the McDonnell Ranges.

We have travelled about 80 kms east of Alice Springs and followed a valley between the ranges.  We stopped off at Jessie Gap which is a gap in the ranges and we were able to see the Aboriginal rock art.  As we got closer to the Trephina Gorge National Park we hit the dirt road and had to cross two shallow river crossings – we don’t normally take the caravan on dirt roads let alone through river crossings.  Fortunately they were both shallow and we are not expecting rain so should have no problem when we leave.  There are three camping areas and we stayed at main Gorge camping area – we were the only campers initially but later in the day two further groups arrived.  There were quite a number of day visitors. 

We are again bush camping, which we really enjoy, and Peter keeps complaining when new campers arrive to stay.  In fact he has told me on a number of occasions to take all my clothes off and run around the camp ground like a mad woman.  He tells me that would certainly make sure that no one else stayed – bit cheeky really!!  I’ve suggested he do the naked run first as I am sure that I wouldn’t need to follow as there would be no audience by then.

As the temperatures were really high, reaching 35 deg in the afternoon we delayed taking the gorge walk until Sunday morning when we took the walk which skirts the edge of the gorge before dropping to the sandy creek which had very little water in it.  Sunday was again a very hot day so we did very little.  Tonight there are four groups staying in this camping area including one couple with four little girls, 7, 6, 4, and 3.  They are six weeks into a six month holiday through Central and Western Australia.  We have been surprised to see the number of younger people taking time from their careers and taking long trips – what a great adventure they are taking their children on.

I cooked boneless roast pork and vegetables for dinner tonight – the camping area has gas BBQ and hotplates so to save any flies in the caravan being attracted by the meat cooking, we cooked the pork and vegetables outside on the hotplate.  I am pleased to say it cooked really well and we had a lovely dinner and no flies!

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