Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hi there all,

We have been out of internet range for the last few days.  We will be updating the blog in the next 24 hours again but there was just a comment that I wanted to make re leaving feedback.  A number of people have said that they have tried to make comments on the site and have for some reason or another not been able to - in fact  I know of one person who had to set up three separate profiles before it would actually work. 

Sorry but there is nothing we can do about this issue.  We do love to hear from people and our only suggestion is that if you cannot get it to work through the blog we would love to hear from you via email - it's nice to know that people out there are actually reading our ramblings.

So until our next post - have fun and enjoy life - get out there and do something different!!




  1. We thought you may have gone native and chased the serpent into the hills. We thought Telstra had ALL of Australia covered - seems not.. You may need to slow your pace or you will be in horsham before we even leave.

  2. Peter, I will see if I can sort out the comments issue.