Monday, May 13, 2013

On the move again

On the road again.

After a few months off from travelling full time Gill and Peter are about to leave the comforts of their home again.  This year will be different from last year -  we have sold the caravan so will be doing a combination of tenting and house sitting.
Mt Maunganui             
Christmas has been spent in New Zealand.  We travelled back here late October early November.  Most of our time has been in Mount Maunganui where we own a house.  It’s been great to have some stability, but it’s starting to get cold now so time to get out of here!  Now for any of you who are thinking of visiting New Zealand make sure that you include Mount Maunganui/Tauranga in your plans - it’s a fantastic place with lots to do and lots to see.

So where have we been whilst in New Zealand:-                                                               

Plus a number of other areas.  We have enjoyed catching up with all the grandchildren  - having them come to stay, staying at their places and of course the obligatory baby-sitting!  We have also house and animal sat during our time in New Zealand.  You know you do get to the stage where you just wonder how you ever fitted work into the mix.

 Simpson Desert

 So just what do the next few months hold for us?  We fly out of NZ on the 1st of May to Melbourne where we will dust off the Patrol (which has been in storage at the airport since November) and get it ready to head towards the warmer weather again.  We will be in Melbourne until at least the 26th and then plan to travel north via the Simpson Desert then off to our first house sitting assignment in Townsville from the 8th June.  We will be absolutely ready for the warm weather by then.

Outa Here

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