Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh hell

Finally we are out of Port Augusta or are we?  Arrived in Adelaide at about 4pm, picked up new rental car from Hertz  - bit of confusion at first when they thought that we could fit all our gear into a Corolla – well shit that wasn’t going to happen no way so after a short conversation the lovely Rebecca from Hertz updated us to a Camry.  Great now all would fitJ

Then we started to change the gear over in our minds and yes you guessed it, we realised that we had left behind some paperwork in the caravan that was now 350km’s away.  Oh bugga!!  So tomorrow we will drive 700km’s to get back to where we are today - good work really.

I guess that I must now say that we have had three things happen in fact four so all should be well from here and the four

1.       Broke the windscreen in Kings Canyon

2.       Bad fuel destroys injector system and several motor parts

3.       Damaged a tyre on the first rental car our cost

4.       On the way back and forth to Port Augusta tomorrow just for the hell of it

There ya go – just goes to show shit does happen J


  1. Yes you are correct, 'Shit happens' but in your case Peter it is accompanied by 'Old Age'

  2. Garey, Gill caused the shit so does that mean she has 'old age?...

  3. A sense of humour (which slowly evaporates over time)keeps the smile on the face, then it happens. You may need to find "another" way to move - luv that car........